Thursday, February 21, 2008

da moon

ever since i took our cheap digital camera outside and tried to take a picture of the moon.. only to be upset that it didn't work.. i've loved using my new camera to shoot the moon.. its so much fun to play with the shutter speed and aperature and get cool looking pictures..
these first two were actually taken from the drive thru' window at work.. see? PROOF that you should take your camera everywhere.. :)

then last night we had an eclipse.. that was fun.. the only problem was it was only 7 degrees outside.. and well.. that's really cold.. any normal person would just snap a few shots and go inside to be warm.. furthermore.. any normal person would stop taking pictures when her fingers got so cold she couldn't even feel them from the numbness.. oh but not me.. those were just all signs to stay outside for just a few more minutes.. i was totally tempted to stay and wait for the eclipse to keep receeding.. so i could get a picture of the moon half lit up.. half eclipsed.. but it was really cold.. lol.. it was really cool tho'.. and totally worth the numb fingers..

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