Tuesday, February 12, 2008

candyland, roses, and snow

pretty much today is my favorite type of day.. i didn't have to work till 3 so i was free all morning to do absolutely NOTHING ! well.. i should have been typing up bible quizzing tests.. but i opted to put that off.. which i'm going to regret later.. like now.. lol

so we started out the day with a fun filled game of candyland.. take a wild guess who's the red piece is.. yeah.. mine.. stephen's about to win the game and ruby's somewhere in the middle..

haha every card ruby picked up.. she called it a "double green" lol

yeah yeah.. rub it in.. he won.. stinker..

okay.. so if you ever want to buy me something that makes me super happy? buy me roses.. i don't really care what color or how many.. but i LOVE roses.. (and btw.. no these roses aren't mine.. they're mom's..) but see.. sure i love the smell of a rose.. how pretty it is.. the feel of the rose petal.. all that fun stuff.. BUT my favorite thing with roses? are they are SO fun to take pictures of.. and proof of that hangs above my bed.. featuring two 8x10s.. anyway.. mom's roses are no exception.. they're gorgeous..

then i was drawn outside into the snow.. it was absolutely gorgeous outside.. terribly cold yeah.. but really pretty.. we got a few inches.. nothing like last year at this time when we got a lot more than a few INCHES.. but hey.. its cool by me..

my handsome.. i love him to death..

zeb.. doin' one of his favorite things when it snows: snow-blowin' the driveway.. under grandpa's careful supervision of course..

barnes lake.. which yes.. really does exist.. i got asked about that tonight at work..

it was snowing REALY hard..

the only problem with taking pictures when it is SNOWING and snowing HARD? is if you get your lense wet.. the fun dies really fast.. >.<

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