Friday, February 22, 2008

somebody's been sleeping in MY bed !

i did up ruby's hair to look like one of the Little Einsteins.. Ruby ran around all day long going "I look like Annie!" hehe

then tonight.. Ruby comes downstairs crying.. then finally declares that Stephen won't let her sleep with him on the top bunk.. so she's going to sleep with me.. well.. how could anyone resist such a sweet speech? so she crawled into my bed and quickly fell asleep.. the only problem is.. i don't know where i'm going to sleep now..

so even tho' she has fallen asleep in the middle of my bed and i'm going to have to sleep on the edge tonight suffering from the occasional kick or two.. i wouldn't give her sleepin' with me up for the world..

she reminds me of when stephen was her age.. we actually set up a bed for him in my room and he slept there every night for the longest time..

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