Friday, October 17, 2008

19 years old

i turn 19 years old today..

i don't feel like i should be 19.. in some ways i feel like i should still be 10 or 11.. and in other ways i feel like i should be turning 21 or 22..

19 seemed to always be the magic number.. i remember playing "house" with my friends when i was little.. and we would always fight over who was going to be the 19-year-old sister.. usually we would end up compromising and pretending like we were twins -- because 19 always seemed like such the perfect age..

i guess i'll let you know in one year if it really is the perfect age -- if the 19th year of my life is the best ever..

i hope it is..

my main gift from my mum & dad was this disney album from creative memories.. and my mum knows how lazy i am and she bought me the EASY album.. that you just slide your photos into the pages !! yay !! i think its safe to say that i will finish this one :) the only problem is.. it only holds 160 photos.. and i took over 2,500 images on my trip to disney !! guess i have some major narrowing down to do..

and.. even tho' i'm now officially 19.. that doesn't mean that i still can't be a little kid :)

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  1. You are so funny, ilove you. and ruby looks like a little angel in the last pic.

    I wuv you <3