Sunday, October 26, 2008

tiffany's party !

last night.. naomi & i went to tiffany's birthday party.. we had a really nice time.. the theme was the "roaring 20's" and so just about everyone was dressed up.. i've never been to a party like this before !! hehe

tiffany explaining to us that we all needed to read her "gazette" because later on in the night we would be asked to solve a murder mystery.. and the gazette gave the first part of the story..

tiffany's boyfriend.. cameron.. he's SO funny..

best friends <3


the house was decorated like it was an old speakeasy.. with playing cards.. dice.. poker chips.. candles.. hehe so cool !

i love the look on tiff's face ! she looks SO excited for her dad to be lighting the candles.. LOL

and.. not sure if anyone else noticed ? but tiff stood there and licked just about every single candle after pulling them out of the cake :)
[[oh and her mom is in the background.. almost looks like she's crying :) her baby girl is now an official adult]]

and so.. what's a party.. at a house decorated as a speakeasy.. without some -- ginger ale ? lol it was real organic ginger ale too.. blech..

haha i asked naomi to give me her best drunk impression :)

gathering around to watch tiffany open her gifts..

this is a typical tiffany look :) so happy.. overflowing with joy that she just giggles :)

haha it looks like she's going to poke cameron's eyes out or something !

trying to figure out how tiffany's big camera works..

waiting patiently for tiffany to open his gift.. :)

he bought her this beautiful necklace.. it was so pretty !

then.. like the sweet guy he seems to be.. he put it on her too..

so then.. we all gathered downstairs for the 2nd part of the murder mystery..

which consisted of a skit..

between cam && tiff..

haha this was so funny.. after their skit.. tiffany collected all our guesses at who the murderer was.. and after going thru them all.. she was standing there talking about the whole reasoning behind why it was who it was.. and cam sat down and says "anyone want to play clue while she's talking?" lol

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  1. looks like a fun party! We had a murder mystery party years ago that had a 20's theme, everyone came dressed up, it was so fun! Looks like you guys had a great time!! :)