Sunday, October 5, 2008

fall has arrived

i think fall is finally upon us.. it was clearly evident with the leaves beginning to change.. and the cooler weather (which i'm not too fond of).. i think its finally time to say goodbye to the days of not having to wear a hoodie everywhere.. :(

fall does mean lots of new inspiration for photos tho' !!

saturday morning we got up to see this fog had rolled in over the lake.. as we were getting ready to go to the 'springs festival' .. the sun began to eat away at the fog leaving behind a crystal clear lake.. of course we had to run down and see it before we left..

i think this is one of my favorite pictures ever.. you can see how clear the lake is.. and how still it is from the reflection.. and of course there's that amazing blue sky..

the 'springs festival' is this thing we go to every year.. it is basically comprised of lots of crafts.. but it is set up in such a way that is very cool.. there's always people playing different kinds of music.. demonstrations of various kinds.. animals.. amazing food.. just lots of cool stuff.. and this guy is there every year.. and he does a presentation about his old flint-lock musket.. then will shoot it off.. he's there EVERY single year.. and he's never changed.. i always remember him standing on top of this rock.. dressed the exact same way.. giving the exact same speech.. shooting off the exact same gun.. pretty cool :)

'springs' is about a 45 minute drive away from the lake.. and you have to go thru' some amish country to get there..

the moon saturday night was beautiful..

after church this morning.. the weather was so glorious.. i couldn't resist shooting some portraits.. ruby is ADORABLE is she not ?

emma.. sooo beautiful..

amy.. getting in the next to last weekend of fishing..

haha yes.. we are a cruel family :)

another one of my favorite pictures !! i love the way ruby is looking at stephen.. and the way stephen is looking down at the lady-bug on his finger.. its SO cute !!

another shot of the ADORABLE miss ruby..

haha this is her "kay-wa.. take a picture of me!" pose.. :)

and not to be outdone.. stephen had to do a pose for me too :)

trying to catch how pretty the water was.. the image does it no justice.. the way the sun was coming down.. it was sparkling so much.. it was so pretty..

fall doesn't really kick in tho' until we officially close up the lake house.. and next weekend will be our last weekend there.. so i guess fall is pretty much here..

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  1. Hehe... I love all of these pics! Ruby is SO cute! That one pic of the two of them is adorable! It does look so pretty... Haha! And the last weekend will be the derrick weekend :P

    I wuv you!