Tuesday, October 21, 2008

caution: photographer driving

there are different driving hazards that people get up in arms about..
  • there's always going to be the people that complain about how older folks drive..
  • you've got people who complain about how teenagers drive..
  • people who complain about people who are driving and talking on the cell phone..
  • women who are doing their make-up..
  • and any other odd assortment of things people do while driving..
but i'm here to say.. i think the most hazardous people on the roads.. would be the photographers.. with their cameras in the seat next to them.. [because you never know when you're going to see something you have to take a picture of && its always best to be prepared] who see something while driving that they just can't pass up and they HAVE to take a picture of..

so instead of finding somewhere to pull off of the road and actually set up for a good shot.. that person sees how soon this magical shot is going to disappear.. and so thinking fast they switch the camera to auto ::gasp:: and while still driving.. try to point and shot in the general direction of the amazing image that is just begging to be shot..

well.. that's what happened to me this morning on the way to college..

and laughing to myself about what i had done in the morning.. i climbed back into my car after classes were over.. started driving down the road.. only to realize.. i was going to do it again..

so.. go ahead.. put a ban on talking on your cell phone while driving.. ban texting while driving.. raise the driving age.. take away senior citizen's drivers licenses.. whatever.. just as long as i can still take pictures while i'm driving :)

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  1. This is your mother saying, I'm banning it! Love you!!