Tuesday, May 27, 2008


last monday night.. i had the honor of taking my best friend naomi, her sister autumn, and our good friend grace.. down to deep creek lake.. for a sort of bachorlette party.. we drove down monday night.. spent the night.. and came home tuesday night.. needless to say.. we had a BLAST.. we laughed soo hard.. and just had an all over awesome time..

photo courtesy of amy eichelberger o.O

naomi's so pretty.. it isn't fair :)

grace laughing with my mom about something..

they were probably laughing about this.. we all were really.. i mean.. com'on.. 4 girls.. overnight.. we gotta take a lot of stuff :)

<3 <3 <3

grace.. notice: the blankets.. it was really.. really.. REALLY cold when we were there.. which was a bummer..

we finally figured out how to turn on the gas heater.. then we kinda just sat in front of it all day long :)

playin' sorry..

haha somebody won.. not sure who tho' :)

best friends forever.. i love her..

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