Tuesday, May 13, 2008

its a boy !

2 weeks ago.. we loaded up the van and drove up to my aunt's house for my cousin's baby shower..

catchin' some of that expectant mama glow..

my pap.. he was incredible that day.. he broke his hip last year around thanksgiving.. and he's struggled to recover from the surgery that followed.. but he had some huge energy rush or something that day because he was walking everywhere.. and he was happy and upbeat and just seemed like he was doing very well..

opening one of her many gifts.. steph was due in June.. yet everyone was saying how she really looked like she was ready to have the baby now..

steve and steph..

the happy parents..

more of that expectant mama glow :)

haha i love this picture.. no particular reason.. maybe its steph's toes peaking out from under her dress.. or maybe its the tiny little sandals on top of the package.. or maybe its steve's strong hand untying the ribbon.. *shrugs*

ruby was enthralled with this cat.. and he was so gentle with her !

the lucky kitty who got all ruby's attention..

i loved the whole "feel" of the shower.. it was held in my aunt's house.. and so it just was very homey.. relaxed.. and laid back.. not formal at all.. and everyone was spread out all over the house.. AND to top it off.. my aunt lives in this old house that just begged to have pictures taken in it.. i tried to say 'no'.. but i couldn't resist the staircase :) had to pull ruby over and have her smile for me..

not only is it an old house.. but its on this incredible piece of property.. and my aunt & uncle have a smallish farm..

with LOTS of sheep.. see the babies?

so anyway.. steph was due in june right?
it happens that God had other plans..
last week she had her baby.. little cooper was born 5 weeks early.. but he is doing really well.. they just took him off all of the IVs and oxygen today.. and he will be coming home on friday !!

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