Sunday, May 4, 2008

farm life

last night we went to this adorable little shop:

and we got ice cream !!

when we got there.. it was all cloudy and overcast.. but as we ate our ice cream.. the sun began to creep out.. then.. to top it off.. a lady showed up to feed the animals that are at the farm right next to the cute little ice cream shop.. so she called them all up out of the barn..

check out the baby !! awwww..

the lady was soo sweet.. we were all watching and she tossed us bags of bread and was like "here.. help me feed them".. nothing could have made us happier !!

hehe ruby would give them a piece of bread.. then laugh hysterically when they would stick their tongues out to grab it :)

haha and this was TERRIBLE.. daddy put the bread on their heads so they couldn't reach it.. but they could see it.. and.. well.. it was really funny.. but horrible at the same time..

the horses were beautiful..

this is when i really started to have fun.. playing with the sunlight and catching some flare.. of course.. daddy couldn't JUST feed the cows.. he had to play with them :)

love it !! new favorite time to take pictures: 7:30pm when the sun is out..

another baby..

love that soft glow..

after the cute little ice cream place.. we stopped at mr. morris's farm to pick up some plants for our garden.. and while he and daddy were talking (they're old friends).. i couldn't resist the sun and the nice field :) it was too good to be true !!

aren't they cute?

we tried to get ruby to sit in here too.. but she refused..

picked up a quick portrait of amy.. since she's been begging for one :)

and while we were all out romping thru the fields.. this little cat decided to pay ellen a visit.. (ellen stayed in the van.. she didn't have her camera so she was lonely without it.. truth be told shehad a headache..)

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