Monday, May 26, 2008


playing catch up:

last Sunday at church we had a baptism service..

the smurfs awaiting their turn in the pool :)

pastor smurf.. err-- i mean.. pastor miller.. :) baptizing his daughter rachel..

pastor miller and nathaniel..

love this moment.. between pastor parker and his son zach.. such a sweet father-son moment..

pastor parker and his other son david..

mrs. hill and mr. hill.. just for the record: i love this family :) they are so funny and awesome.. mrs. hill is soo sweet and mr. hill is such a tease.. they are so adorable together and you'd never guess that they have a million little kids running around :) they're too young and in love for that sort of nonsense *wink*

also.. i think its totally cool that mr. hill got to baptize his wife :)

pastor miller and annie..

daddy and amy.. i've only ever heard my daddy cry one time before.. but after he and amy had climbed into the baptismal.. and he began talking about praying for amy.. he got all choked up and couldn't go on.. idk how many people in the congregation were crying.. but i know my mom and i were blubbering all over the place :)

and then.. daddy got to baptize emma too..

so anyway.. i'm playing catch up over the next few days since i didn't blog for a week.. i feel bad about having to shut my blog down to private invitations only.. but after discussing it with my parents and considering the events that are churning about me.. it seems the best thing for right now..

so.. this week is catch-up week.. because i'll have TONS of pictures to blog when this weekend rolls around.. from the event of the year = the wedding of paul abbey and naomi westerman !!

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