Wednesday, May 28, 2008

memorial day weekend

this past weekend was the most GORGEOUS weekend i can EVER remember it being for memorial day.. i have too many memories of my dad and uncle paul and grandpa standing over the firepit.. cooking hotdogs and hamburgers.. while holding an umbrella over their heads and the fire..

but there was no need for umbrellas this weekend.. it was PERFECT.. so perfect in fact that i had not even packed a pair of shorts.. i'll never make that mistake again..

saturday was spent fixing the dock.. getting it in the water.. then putting the boats in..

fishing: stephen style.. :)

emma fishing.. love that yummy golden light !!

amy fishing..

then on sunday after church.. it was so warm out that all of the kids went swimming ! (and this dude was out foolin' around on his jet ski.. lol)

uncle paul's boat.. filled up with little kids..

eli.. who kept threatening to throw that pacifier (affectionately known as 'wilson') into the lake..

yeah.. see? even meme got the memo that it was going to be hot out.. why didn't i pack something like this to wear?

grandpa.. relaxin' on uncle paul's boat.. soakin' in some sun..

stephen.. who isn't too fond of the water.. while his cousins were jumping off the dock and splashing around.. he was content to just wade along the shore..

ruby-do.. lookin' a bit sleepy..

and what is memorial day without sparklers?

one of my new favorite pictures.. if you click on it to make it bigger you'll see why.. i love how the sparkler illuminates daddy's hand.. and daddy's hand only.. :) not sure exactly HOW i did that? lol but that's unimportant right?

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