Monday, June 2, 2008

the rehearsal

friday was the day before paul & naomi's wedding.. so that was the day of all the final preparations.. colleen, naomi, and i got manicures and pedicures.. we steamed all of the gowns and tuxes.. and we had the rehearsal.. SO much fun..

naomi.. attempting to make herself even more beautiful than she already is..

love this girl..

colleen and one of the flower girls: sydney..

stephen.. my favorite ring-bearer in the world.. he's not looking too happy.. poor guy..

paula marks.. the wedding coordinator.. she was telling us all what to do..

the happy couple..

paul's dad.. who did the ceremony.. he was so funny :)

my handsome little guy and his pillow..

naomi & paul were excited.. they had gotten paul's ring in the mail THAT day.. talk about cutting it close !! good thing it fit :)

naomi talking to paula..

mrs. westerman.. being escorted in by her 2 sons noah and elliot..

stephen and the 2 flower girls: jasmine and sydney..

they were SO cute !!

the beautiful bride with her father-in-law and her dad..

did i mention i love this girl?

paul is a lucky guy..

my daddy.. he was the videographer.. and so he spent the entire rehearsal checking out angles and such..

my handsome..

hehe they were soo cute !!

at the rehearsal dinner.. stephen and esther (naomi's little sister)

jasmine and sydney..

autumn.. another gorgeous girl.. she's too quiet tho' :)

naomi's other 2 sisters.. esther and myriam..

naomi giving out presents !

each of the flower girls got a teddy bear with their pearl necklaces and tiaras..

LOOK ! i got myriam to smile !!

stephen got a pack of cars..

mrs. westerman - mother of the bride..

hehe our list of things to do :)

going thru the long and tedious process of steaming and ironing every gown.. ever tux.. everything.. colleen and i were there till after midnight getting everything ready.. but it paid off in the morning.. all we had to do was get dressed !! which was good because we were all there at 6:45am anyway..

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