Thursday, June 19, 2008


i went to dinner the other night with my grandparents and my aunt joanne and uncle jack from NC.. we went to my absolute favorite restaurant in the world -- teddy's..

anyway.. while we were eating.. this guy came in with his cart of balloons and began creating things for people.. we watched him make people giraffes.. bouquets.. dinosaurs.. monkeys.. and monstrous hats which he made people promise to wear :)

then he walked over toward our table..

you know that sinking feeling you get when you just KNOW someone is going to pick on you? yeah.. it hit me.. oh no he's looking at me.. oh no he's pointing at me.. oh no he wants to make something for ME !!

ha well.. he must've known i had that terrible feeling because this is what he made me :)

he said it was meant to "cure my depression" because he asked me if i liked living around this area.. and i flat out said "no".. haha so he made me this to help me :)

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