Monday, June 16, 2008

deep creek lake

the last 2 weekends at the lake have been gorgeous !! (aside from this past saturday when it rained.. but we can overlook that)

i tried to take pictures of the stars.. but i didn't have my tripod and i couldn't get the settings right.. i'm bound and determined to get some shots of the stars down there sometime this summer tho'.. if i'm ever going to get a picture of the stars it has to be down there.. because its too bright around my house.. but down at the lake its dark.. which makes the sky huge and the stars brilliant..

so yeah.. basically we had 2 weekends where (except for last saturday) it looked like this all day long..

hehe stephen.. he's not a huge water fan.. but just in case some monstrous wave decides to attack his craft (which is basically sitting on shore anyway) he's got his life-jacket on !! lol

emma's not afraid of the water tho'.. she's like a fish..

hehe this is so funny.. they had this raft all blown up last weekend.. and buster was on the dock and he wanted to get closer to the kids who were swimming.. so he jumped in the raft.. well.. that motion caused the raft to move away from the dock.. so he was stuck there..

then he got all upset when susie decided to go in for a swim and buster was still stuck in the raft !! lol it was funny.. because buster was so close to the edge? he just fell in.. :)

see? there they are.. swimming around..

look at that handsome little boy.. who's brother IS that? :)

daddy fishin'..

love the splash !!

stephen and ruby.. awww..

hehe so this was kinda funny too.. the girls let one of the blow-up things they had been playing with go.. and forgot about it.. and then realized.. it was floating down lake.. so they swam out to get it.. but then.. needed rescuing.. so daddy and stephen took the canoe out to rescue them :)

amy kate..

stephen and susie.. in the cabin of our boat..

ruby's view.. goin' for a ride :)

she kept yelling "fast-ur daddy!!" and so.. here's susie holding on for dear life LOL

so yeah.. the weather was pretty much fabulous..

i liked the feel of this picture.. not sure why.. but i do..

our dock from the water.. :)

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