Thursday, June 26, 2008

kennywood 2008

yesterday.. it all worked out perfectly for my family to go to kennywood !! i even got off work early to go with them.. which was AWESOME !! we had such an awesome time.. the weather was beautiful.. the longest we had to wait in a line was 20 minutes.. and they were giving away a whole ton of free stuff !! we ate tons of free food.. got free t-shirts.. free washington wildthings tickets.. it rocked.. :)

okay now seriously.. ANY amusement park with a statue of an alien taking a picture ROCKS in my book :)

ellen.. amy.. mom.. and ruby on the log jammer..

emma and steve.. aren't they cute?

steve and ruby in kiddieland !! brave souls rode in the front seats of the lil phantom :)

the phantom's revenge.. the fastest 2 minutes you'll ever live thru..

the sky coaster !! this is the BEST ride at kennywood.. we didn't do it.. but oh do i wish we could have..

my handsome stuff..

here's how this worked out: mom and emma.. me and steve got in line to ride the racers.. and when we got up to the front of the line.. the dude goes "i need to check his height" well.. i'm assuming my mom already did at the beginning of the ride so i'm like "sure" ha.. turns out poor steve is like 2 inches too short.. and mom just assumed he was big enough.. so we couldn't ride.. instead.. we hopped over into the jack rabbit line.. and we were in line so perfectly.. that steve and i got to ride in the front car !! oh yeahhhh..

arrow 360*.. rocks all around..

one of the best wooden coaster rides in the world..

haha this ride is crazy.. its not all that scary or even fast.. but its in the dark.. so i always scream like the whole ride.. lol

the pittsburgh plunge..

.. which i was able to catch a rainbow off of !! yay

i forget what this is called.. swing-shot ? idk.. its a sweet ride too..

my favorite spot in the whole park.. well.. one of them :)

yeah.. you pretty much can't get fries like these anywhere else..

cotton candy.. another amusement park MUST..

i think this ranks as one of my favorite pictures ever.. if you click on the photo it'll come up bigger.. and you can actually see how half of the people have their hands up -- perfectly silhouetted against the sunset.. i love it !!

then night time comes.. and they turn on all the lights..

i was so mad that this turned out blurry.. just another reason i want to get a camera withOUT the automatic focus.. >.< but you get the idea anyway.. they're adorable.. and yes.. ruby's glasses ARE on upside down :) that's what makes it so cute !!

garfield's nightmare ride..

haha this is the BEST and ONLY way to play games.. when you play against your own siblings :) someone is GUARANTEED a win !!

i think i like kennywood better at night than during the day :)

the VERY famous cowboy joe.. i'm not sure where amy and emma were when we took this picture ??

i think.. as soon as they turned the lights on.. i could've just forgotten the rides and taken pictures and been PERFECTLY content.. yeah..

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