Monday, June 9, 2008

paul & naomi abbey

wow.. was it really a whole week and 2 days ago that my best friend got married? it seems like yesterday.. the whole day was so much fun for me.. even tho' i know that naomi was all stressed out and disappointed because of the rain.. the ceremony was beautiful and the whole day was just wonderful.. i'd relive it all over again in a heartbeat..

my stunning best friend and the most beautiful bride around..

mr. and mrs. abbey sharing their first dance..

but.. back to the beginning:

we girls arrived at the church around 6:45am.. it hadn't begun to rain yet but was threatening to drop niagra falls on us any minute.. anyway.. we all got in the building and got right down to the hair and makeup and getting ready that we girls needed to do :)

oooh i stole a picture with the crazy groom :)

naomi doing autumn's hair.. this girl is amazing i tell you what.. not only is she super creative and MADE almost everything that went into her wedding (except her wedding dress.. which given another month or 2 she could have done too) she also did autumn's hair !! mann..


woot.. finally in that wedding dress.. and it finally starts to settle in.. she's going to be getting married in a matter of minutes !!

worship before they exchanged vows..

they wrote their own vows.. so priceless.. paul's dad looking on with pride..

"you may now.. kiss your bride"

happy :)

that amazing bride again..

the bridal party.. notice stephen as the ring-bearer standing between the 2 flower girls !!

paul's family..

colleen !!

okay now.. you have to agree with me on this one.. he is the most handsome ring-bearer your heart could desire.. is he not?

walking in at the reception.. hehe he was so cute.. the little girls kept trying to hold his hand and he wouldn't let them :)

the mr. and mrs..

my beautiful baby sister and handsome little bro..

hehe love stephen's face !! the maid of honor and the ring-bearer.. i also love how stephen's bow-tie is hanging off to the side.. sooo cute !!

hehe colleen sporting the "daddy's suit-coat" look !

jasmine.. one of the flower girls.. all she wanted to do was dance the whole day long.. and what little girl wouldn't? put her in a white flowy dress.. curl her hair and put a tiara in.. even little girls like jasmine can dream of their wedding day :)

cutting the cake..

oh the freedom of being married.. lol

don't they just look so happy ??

hehe paul's car.. it actually looked a lot worse when they finally finished it.. but you get the idea.. the whole thing completely wrapped in toilet paper !! :)

so anyway.. like i said.. the whole day was beautiful.. it flowed very smoothly even though plans changed about the location of the reception half way thru the day..

naomi and paul went off and had a wonderful honeymoon at deep creek lake.. and are now home settling into live as newlyweds..

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