Sunday, June 22, 2008

61st annual eichelberger family reunion

saturday.. june 21, 2008 marked our 61st annual eichelberger/claybaugh family reunion..

to kick the event off.. stephen had malachi over for their first sleepover.. hehe they're so adorable !!

anyway.. after unloading the table and chairs into the garage.. daddy took us all for a ride around the yard in the blue truck..

yes.. dogs too :)

everyone piling onto the lift to get off..

stephen and mal.. awwww..

don't forget about nate !! wow he looks like his dad !!

anyway.. the rest of the morning was spent getting ready.. zeb set up the volleyball net..

nate and i played some frisbee.. this little guy is really good !

daddy and zeb played the more "advanced" version.. with a normal frisbee.. lol while nate and i used the big soft frisbee :)

the president of the reunion.. don't mess with him.. or his dog :)

one of the faithful parking attendants..

our grillers..

the eichelberger cousins singing the "eichelberger reunion song" written a few years ago by ellen.. who has now retired from the singing :)

the president.. chowing down at the little kids table.. hehe

there was a lot of amazing food.. too much in fact.. lol

if you ever need a number guessed? ellen.. the one in the dark blue shirt is the one to go to.. she won BOTH candy jars >.< i say she cheated..


part of the cousins.. ruby.. malachi.. stephen.. nate.. emma.. lydia.. and karleigh..

these folks talking to my grandpa have been coming to the reunion for as long as i remember.. and i still have no clue who they are =X

aunt dawn and eli..

after the family portrait.. the kids played games (which SOMEHOW.. ellen and i got volunteered to do next year.. what the heck?)

poor lyd.. she made such a valiant effort.. :)

hehe this was after my mom dumped a cup of water all over my dad.. she's the one who started it all.. then it turned into a huge free-for-all.. who could get my dad "the president" the most wet?

my handsome stuff..

ellen and aunt nellie..

haha malachi passed out on the ground.. basically we all felt like this by the end of the night..

then ruby decided to show off her somersault skills..

hehe after a while.. daddy finally disappeared into the safety of the garage.. so they all decided to gang up on aunt dawn.. hehe then daddy came out and made a show of handing her his belt to go after them with :)

ruby: our water balloon inspector :)

haha but the battle to get my father wet had only begun :)

even his own son joined in !

that's about when daddy got sick of only using water balloons to fight back and just decided to use the hose.. o.O

but.. it was a gorgeous day.. and we all had a good time watching the little kids try to get my dad wet :)

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