Monday, July 6, 2009


today is the first day that i genuinely have no idea what to blog about..

this was day 1 of 3 that i have off work & i really didn't do anything - it was great :)

i got up.. did some cleaning/organizing around my room.. went to walmart with 2 of my roomies: kellie & tamara.. and mike [okay.. so kellie hangs out with this apartment of guys & so they randomly show up to do things with us.. its cool] and then we went to old navy.. then cici's for dinner..

then we came home.. finished watching a movie we had been watching before.. then we went swimming - but it was not only me, kellie, tam, & mike.. but kerry had just come home & reece came along too..

*mental note : never go to the pool with these people AGAIN without a camera.. they do the CRAZIEST things.. haha we had a good time..

then we made food again because swimming always makes one hungry.. and watched random other parts of movies : i saw like 1/3 of "freddie vs. jason".. most of "cool runnings".. and about 1/2 of "pocahontas" [by this point i was so tired that i completely passed out & missed the best half of the movie.. grr..] haha its great - ONLY at disney can you go to rent movies ? and the guys are cool with watching "pocahontas" ! haha =D

so.. i didn't really take any photos today [even tho' i had the opportunity.. i just didn't have my camera] so.. i'll work on the photo thing tomorrow = day 2 of 3 off :)


  1. freddie vs. jason, come on kara! go read a book instead, plus you hate horror flicks!

  2. yes i do hate horror movies.. it wasn't my choice.. they had already watched most of it and wanted to finish it before watching something else =X