Sunday, July 5, 2009

the fourth of july


since i'd already seen the fireworks at magic kingdom.. my actual fourth of july night was open..
i chose to go to hollywood studios over epcot..
the show was fan-tastic.. super patriotic and once again.. the music was amazing..
i took over 600 photos during the 10 minute show =X
and once again.. i have not gone thru them all yet.. but i will sometime soon.. and when i do :) there will be a nice post dedicated entirely to one of the rare times the studios has fireworks..

oh.. did i mention ?

i also saw fantasmic..
for. the. first. time.

it was a complete spur of the moment decision.. the fireworks were at 10.. they were only 10 minutes long.. and the second showing of fantasmic was at 10:45..

so i made a mad dash thru the crowds to the amphitheater.. it was crazy..
but surprisingly enough.. they didn't even fill the entire place.. there was tons of room on the sides that was empty..

&& only at disney can the crowds get so excited they start doing the wave ::

they did it for about 5 minutes too.. they got so good that the wave would go all the way across the stadium.. then come right back the opposite direction.. then go back across.. then come right back.. haha it was pretty amazing..

then the show started..
it. was. incredible !

i wasn't going to take any pictures..
ha ha ha
but no.. seriously.. i had never seen the show.. i wanted to just watch it and enjoy it.. then come back and take the photos that i knew i would want..
well.. i couldn't help myself..

but.. that's another blog.. for another day :)


  1. wow that first picture looks like a painting!! soo cool!

  2. gee you should have went with us, we were in those empty seats down front and did the wave for 50 min! haha

  3. so glad you finally go to see the coolest Disney show, otherwise we had one up on ya!

  4. I need the Mickey Fansasmic outfit pic. for our book, it was so fast I missed it of course!

  5. they did the wave when we were there too!! haha!! and it made it the whole way around too! :)