Monday, July 13, 2009

shuttle launch - fail

the space shuttle endeavor was scheduled to go off tonight..
and for the 5th time it was canceled..

but.. we really wanted to see it go off.. and they canceled it like 3 minutes before it was supposed to launch.. so we were sitting there.. waiting for it to go.. and it never did.. *sigh*

oh well.. we tried..

this is my new favorite picture :)

mike & nick..
kellie has photos of all of us on her camera.. i'll get those later :)

we saw dolphins !! they were swimming all over the place where we were sitting .. soo cool :)

all these lures were stuck up on the telephone wires.. it was pretty interesting..

so.. where we were sitting.. the shuttle was supposed to go off there in the distance.. we had the best unobstructed view across the water.. the guys had watched a shuttle go off from this spot back in february & said it was awesome.. so this was where we came.. but as you can see from the clouds rolling in.. they had to cancel it due to weather..


  1. oh man what a bummer! are you sure that's a dolphin, kind of looks like jaws from here? hahha

  2. num 4 is awesome!! and all those roots!!