Friday, July 3, 2009

pre-july 4

fourth of july fireworks start a day early at disney world :)
i took over 700 shots of the special "concert in the sky" fireworks at magic kingdom..

no.. i still haven't gone thru them ALL yet..
yes.. i WILL go thru them ALL sometime soon..

and when i do :) yeah.. they'll be a nice long post with all my favorites :)

let's just leave it at ::
the show was amazing - of course nothing tops 'wishes'.. but this was really good..
it was put together in true disney fashion.. the fireworks corresponding to the music perfectly.. it was really really awesome..

i'm glad i went.. even tho' i had to stand on main street to hold my spot for about an hour before the fireworks started.. and even tho' there were about 3.4 gazillion other people pressed in around me.. and even tho' it was super-duper hot outside & i started to get a little sick after standing there all that time.. i'm still glad i went :)

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