Wednesday, July 8, 2009

technical difficulties

so.. i'm mad..

we were at the pool last night.. and i got some AMAZING pictures.. like.. they turned out really cool :)

well.. when we got home.. i went to download the photos.. you know to blog them last night ? and nothing showed up on my camera..

so i unplugged it & looked at it.. and all the photos i had taken were now labeled as "unidentified files" ..

so as far as i can figure.. my memory card is now corrupted & unless i can figure out how to fix it.. i just lost all my super awesome pictures from last night :(

thus the missing a day blogging.. because i had nothing to blog..

i'm gonna see if i can fix it tonight..

oh.. by the way.. this is all in regards to my POINT-AND-SHOOT camera.. not my beast.. if this had anything to do with my canon 40D ? i'd probably have already killed myself - not really.. but i'd be majorly depressed right now :)


  1. A likely excuse, mmmmm hmmmmm

  2. haha, yeah i was starting to freak out! I thought you meant the canon. :P

  3. Did you make sure it didn't slip into the locked mode? cause that would do it. If it still does that I'd say take it back and get a new camera! :P