Wednesday, November 30, 2011

black carpet

black carpets.
who in their right mind lays down BLACK carpets in the most walked through room of the house? [which in my house is the kitchen]

me :)

see, they look fantastic in my kitchen, which is white, yellow, and black.
[that is: when they are clean they look great]
but keeping them clean is a horrible, never-ending task.
and many times i've considered getting different carpets.

but after today - i think i'll keep those black carpets forever :)

i took our Abby to the groomers this morning to get a bath & have her nails clipped - she has those horrible black nails that are really hard for us to cut because we can't see how short not to cut them like you can on a dog's white nails.
and we assumed the groomer with her practiced skill would be able to clip them for us.

we were wrong.

i didn't realize it until i had gotten home and Abby was jumping all over Derrick.
see under those black carpets, is white linoleum, and suddenly there was blood all over the white floor.

after we tackled her and wrapped her foot up in some gauze we surveyed the damage.
bloody footprints all over the floor - with a trail all the way from the door - all the way up the steps onto the porch - in the driveway - and yes, in the backseat of my car.

all i can say is - i'm SO thankful for black carpets - that they aren't any other color - because they would have been ruined otherwise.

needless to say, it gave me a great excuse to cuddle on the couch all afternoon with my puppy & not do much of anything else :)

update: she's survived & and her foot did stop bleeding :) she seems to have happily forgotten the mishap.

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