Wednesday, November 9, 2011

voting day

yesterday i went to vote.

i really had no clue who to vote for- other than the guy who comes into the bank just about every day, who i promised to vote for.
it wasn't a major election, but i had promised him, so i went to vote, totally intending to leave every other ballot blank.

hey- if i didn't know who to vote for, i wasn't just going to vote for whoever had the prettiest name.

on the way into the polling place, as usual there were several folks standing outside the doors, pushing for their favored candidates.
i've been there and done that- so instead of being rude & walking right past everyone, i stopped and smiled and they all [probably sensing that i had no clue who else to vote for other than that one guy] pounced on me like a stupid fish who just swam into shark infested waters.

okay, so maybe it wasn't that bad.

i took all their literature, shook their hands, smiled and chatted with them.
but one person in particular stood out to me.
there was a little girl, who was probably 9 or 10 years old there, with her mom - who was running for school board. she had a huge gigantic grin on her face, and was holding a big, hand-made sign asking people to vote for her mom.

and suddenly, i was that little girl- asking people to vote for my dad, when he was running for school board.
prior to my dad being elected to the school board [while he was campaigning] i went to his spaghetti dinners, his fundraisers, and proudly wore his advertising material. i remember one particular spaghetti dinner, standing up outside the firehall with my dad [and his running mate's] sign and yelling at the top of my longs "McKen-sie, O'Don-nell, Eich-el-ber-ger, for school-di-rector!" 
my dad was a star and i was SO proud that so many people knew my daddy.

once he was elected, i thought he must be as famous as tom cruise. of COURSE you knew who my dad was - he's on the school board! and i was SO proud to be his daughter.

needless to say: i voted for that little girl's mom. i hope she wins - so that little girl can have a piece of the pride i had in my daddy.

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