Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sam & Jeana [family portraits, Sayre, PA]

photographers usually talk about how important it is for their clients to trust them. how important it is to build that relationship of trust, so when you ask them to do something that may seem silly - they'll do it because they trust you.

well i'm here to tell you that just as important as trust - is having your clients allow you to be completely in control :)

i met sam & jeana at their house, and that was the only location we had agreed on - where we would meet :) we had thrown around a few possibilities as far as where we wanted to take pictures, but nothing had been set in stone.

on my way over to their house, i noticed this path that went thru the woods, and presumably down to the edge of a river that ran under the bridge i was crossing. i instantly took note of that as a possible photo location.

when i got to sam & jeana's, they said that i could take them wherever i wanted [complete control]. so after i gave a little evil laugh - i took them back to that spot i had seen earlier - totally intending only to be there for a few minutes before moving on to somewhere else.
[and also because i was parked half-off-to-the-side-of-the-road and i was terrified i was going to get ticketed or something!]

well, we spent a whole hour wondering around in those woods. turns out - that path that i saw, branches off to several other paths - and we just walked and enjoyed ourselves, and every so often i'd go: OH stand right over there! haha

sam & jeana are the sweetest things - we just met them a few months ago when they started coming to our church. when i think about them as a couple, i have to describe them as "romantic" - or at least, sam is :) he's definitely a hopeless romantic. we had a couples dinner at church right after they started coming, and sam proudly told everyone story of how they met and their engagement and all about their wedding, all the while we ladies sat in apt attention and with lots of oooohhhs and aaaaawwwws :) 

so yeah, they are super-duper adorable and getting ready to welcome their new little baby to the world :) just a few more months to go!!


sam & jeana: you guys are awesome - and i'm so blessed to call ya'll my friends :)

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