Sunday, June 28, 2009

62nd annual family reunion

so this year.. i surprised my family by showing up the weekend of our annual family reunion.. everyone [well.. most everyone] assumed that this would be the first year i would miss it since i was in Florida.. but when i bought my tickets to come home i just had to tell someone.. so i told my sisters ellen & amy.. of course derrick & naomi were also told as we concocted a way for me to get home surprising my other family.. my mom - never surprised by anything actually figured it out before i arrived.. but was not 100% sure i was coming.. but she had a pretty good idea :)

as you'll notice from the photos - there really wasn't a huge turnout.. in fact very very few people showed up.. as evidenced by the difference between last year's family reunion photo & this year's ::

it was a nice relaxing day for me tho'.. to just hang out with my family & derrick and not have to worry TOO much about all the people around that i didn't know..

some good 'ole jumping photos :)

ruby was so cute.. she ended up wearing her bathing suit most of the day because when she got up and needed to get dressed - derrick was still asleep in her bedroom.. she didn't really care tho'..

my second shooter & right-hand man :)

just like last year.. daddy loaded us all into the back of the blue truck to take us for a ride around the yard.. it seems to be turning into a tradition :)

everyone lined up to be dropped down..

literally.. dropped :) love everyone's expressions !! especially amy & ruby's !! haha

speed racer :) i was experimenting with a new idea.. this is the only photo i got that actually turned out kinda cool.. all the others flopped.. oh well.. i need to work on it :)


playing baseball before we ate lunch..

a nice moment between brothers :)

eli was ready to play :)

sister love !

zeb looking all country boy in those glasses & that hat :)

the three musketeers ! they're all getting so big !

daddy & his baby girl :)

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  1. haha!! the one of us all dropping is hilarious!! did u see steve's face!! lol! it's sooo funny! print it out and send it to me plz!!