Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day !

so.. all day long today at work.. when i was talking to families - i would ask the little kids if they knew what today was.. and for the most part everyone knew that today was father's day :) and then of course i would ask them if they told their daddies how absolutely stupendous & wonderful they were & how they have the best daddy in the world.. and the little kids would always look up at me with this silly grin on their faces like "yeahhh" and i would always counter their smiles with "oh silly of course you didn't say that.. because *i* have the best daddy in the world" and they would always giggle and disagree :)

but i have to say.. i have the best daddy in the world..

i don't know how anyone could ask for a better father than the one i have.. ever since i was little i always knew i had the most amazing daddy out there & still am very proud of that fact :)

he's been the most amazing role model & friend that any daughter could ask for.. and i know i speak for all my sisters [and brother] when i say that..

my dad has been there for me through everything.. from the times when i was little and i would go to my dad over my mom every time i needed to ask for something [because i knew dad was more likely to give me what i wanted :)] .. to the times when i needed a big hug and someone's shoulder to cry - on regarding everything from puppies dying on christmas eve to broken relationships..

my daddy is a very wise man.. and he knows what he is doing.. some people may think he's a little crazy.. maybe a little too demanding with his kids.. maybe a little too protective.. but.. he knows what he's doing.. and is truly the best daddy in the world :)

i love you daddy !!