Saturday, June 20, 2009

new day

so yes.. i have been a very bad blogger these last few months..

its not that i haven't taken any photos..

its just that i have put off actually blogging them..

tsk tsk.. i know.. i know : i promised when i came down to FL that i would blog photos all the time so everyone back home would know what i was up to - and i kept that promise - well.. not really.. but i had every intention of keeping that promise ! i just figured .. if i could keep up a blog at home.. then i would also keep up my blog in FL..

nope.. wrong..

but now.. i've decided to start anew.. and with a new challenge ::

blog one photo a day for a month

&& i'm not allowing myself to use OLD photos [unless of course i have a good reason to]

so that means.. i'll be forcing myself to actually pick up MY camera OUTSIDE of work and shoot some images :)

one a day for a month.. and it starts today.. we'll see if i can do this :)

1 comment:

  1. Haha, i LOVE this idea. I don't want to just see pictures of disney however. You can't get off that easy. I think the real challenge would be for you to be in every one of those pictures. Thats a real challenge :P Betcha cant do it :)