Tuesday, June 30, 2009


monday was spent doing just about absolutely nothing..

my flight didn't go out until 7:40pm.. so we basically just relaxed & hung out all day long.. it was so nice !!

amy took some of these photos for me & derrick.. as well as this beautiful self-portrait - do i hear a facebook profile picture calling ??

so after spending all weekend long and countless hours sitting on the swing on the porch - which turned out to be very hard & very uncomfortable.. i broke down and pulled out the hammock.. which - as usual.. i put it up.. and it was instantly taken over & i wasn't even able to sit on it !!

aw.. 2 of my favorite people.. i miss you both soo much !!

so.. they did finally let me on the hammock.. it totally beat sitting on that hard swing ! derrick & i basically spent the rest of the day chillin' there..

of course we were never alone.. this little lady was severely cutting into my man time.. i think she loves him almost as much as i do :)


  1. nope i love derrick more cuz he takes me to dairy queen!! haha!!

  2. I KNOW ! he told me that ! i was like "what in the world ?! he's never taken ME to dairy queen !!" so now.. i'm jealous..