Wednesday, June 24, 2009


today was absolutely GORGEOUS.. it was the perfect day to be outside -- blue skies with big white puffy clouds.. a slight breeze.. and temps in the low 90s.. it was bEUtiful..

around 3pm tho' was gorgeous & i was so excited that i was going to leave work - go home & grab my camera - and go out and shoot something..

too bad that it didn't hold out.. by the end of the day a few rain clouds had moved in & kicked all the beautifulness out..

but while i was standing at crush & gusher left.. i was talking to dee.. and we started talking about the beach -- oh i know how it started.. it was around 6:30 and the rain clouds had parted just enough to let some amazing golden light down.. it was soo yummy - i wanted to gobble it all up :) or at least.. put it in my pocket to let out later on when i WANTED some delicious golden sunlight..

and so i had to comment on it.. and dee said that yes it was nice.. but her favorite light was sunrise on the beach.. and so we started talking about the beach -- and now i really really want to go to the beach & watch the sunrise.. i'll have to do that on one of my days off since i won't be living so close to the beach for much longer :)