Thursday, June 25, 2009

saying goodbye

meet michelle ::

today was our manager michelle's last day as a Disney Photo Imaging manager :(

as a special surprise for her.. the leaders pulled every single photographer from the park and gathered us all in a conference room in order to surprise michelle :) so if you were at typhoon lagoon and could not find a single photographer around noon ? yeah.. that's because we were all sitting down in an air conditioned conference room to hang out with one of our favorite managers before she leaves :)

michelle & randy - another favorite manager :)

haha & yes we had a cake to celebrate :)

it really was beautiful -- and tasted AMAZING :)

oh & we got a visit from lilo :) DPI is very close with the characters & their attendants at the water parks.. simply because we work so closely with them all the time..

we're going to miss michelle so much !! she was an incredible manager.. always looking out for her cast & helping us in any way that she could.. but now she's moving on to bigger & better things with disney :)


  1. she moved on to a scheduling job.. meaning now she sits in an office and makes up the schedules for different locations *shrugs* that's what she used to do..