Monday, June 29, 2009

best friends

sunday was a bit of a long day.. derrick & i got up and went to the 9-10 service at FBC.. and then left and went over to Calvary Assembly for their 10:30 service.. after which we went to Jioios for lunch with Pastor Todd, his family, and a few other people from the church..

but the only thing i was looking forward to the whole day was spending the afternoon with naomi & paul !!

i haven't seen my best friend since january.. it felt like it had been forever & so many things had changed since i saw her last : naomi & paul are now living in a bigger & better apartment.. their one year wedding anniversery had come & gone.. oh and the big change is the next addition to the abbey family is going to be born in october !!

but spending time with them was so comfortable - almost like i had never left & it had only been a few days since i'd seen them last.. i miss naomi so much & can't wait to go home just so i can see her all the time & become so annoying because i'm always at their house :)

i think we make a cute family.. what do you think ?

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