Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mark (&Avon) [[company review]]

I always knew my Mom was the luckiest lady in the world.

Back when I was younger and before I had so many siblings, my Mom sold Avon for a few years.

I remember getting the big cardboard boxes delivered to our door. And then my Mom would have to sort through everything and figure out who got what. I looved helping her put the different items in the small, medium, and large bags we had. 

It was all grown-up stuff - make-up - that was something I would use someday.
And it was soo cool.

And once a year my Mom would go to a meeting for all the Avon ladies in the area, and for 4 or 5 years in a row she won the limited edition, porcelain Avon lady. She was about a 12-18 inches tall, all dressed up in a fancy dress, usually with a big hat and awesome purse.

And I knew my Mom was the luckiest lady in the world.

I mean, who else could win routinely every year?

Well, I say all that to say, I am now grown-up and use that make-up stuff. And I have never found make-up that I like better than Avon. [maybe I'm prejudice?]

A few years back, the Avon company decided to branch out and try to reach the younger female population. Same great products, but marketed in a different way.

Which is where Mark comes in. Because that's what Avon called their branch out :)

After my Mom stopped selling Avon, she "gave" all of her clients to another Avon lady who continued to give the Avon catalogs to my Mom. I remember looking through one once and seeing the new Mark brand stuff and really wanting to see more, but never knowing how to ask for it. [I was dumb back in the day]

Well, fast forward a few years [when I'm a little smarter :D]

A friend of mine from my time in Disney World picked up the Mark products and is now selling them !!

So I wanted to give Santana a shout-out for doing a fantastic job at getting her new business off the ground. I know it's really hard to start out and she's trying so hard.

For example, she has a facebook page: Mark. Beauty by Santana and she's currently running all sorts of fun offers: like free shipping on certain things and give-aways !! Ohh, she does give-aways !! Anndd, I won one of them :D She was giving away a really cute pink-striped make-up bag and I won :D So she sent it to me and it's fantastic :D

So, I'm telling ya'll that you should pop over to her facebook page right now & "like" her so that you can get hooked up with all her awesome stuff too :) [and I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you placed an order or two while you're at it too!]

Like I said, I have never found a brand of make-up that I like better than Avon/Mark. It's simple and just really nice stuff!
Anndd they put stuff on sale! So, if you keep an eye on their catalogs, and can be patient, they do specials and things on their eye-liner and lipstick and stuff. So, it's fabulous!! [because we all know that I love a good deal]

So, pop over and visit Santana: Mark. Beauty by Santana give her some encouragement and let her know that I sent you :D

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