Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Abby-Girl

Can you believe it? We have had our Abby for over a month already ! [we got her one month ago yesterday]
D&I can't believe it.
It feels like we've had her forever.

She's adjusted soo well to us and our daily habits and routines. She knows that after I take Derrick to work in the morning, I'll come back for about 45 minutes and then she has to go into her crate and [with the exception of one time where she hid under the bed] she has been excellent at doing that :) She also knows that when I get home from work, I let her out, and then feed her. And believe me, she knows that she's supposed to get fed at that time - because she'll run inside and immediately go to her food - just in case I could forget :)

Oh, she's also found a few "favorite" spots in our house.
One is lying by the woodburner - which also happens to be one of MY favorite spots, but we share like nice little kids :)
But the other is: she loves to sit up on the guest room bed and look out the windows. If we ever don't know where she is - she's there. Just watching cars and people go by.

This is her spot: [except, she should be turned the OTHER way around - haha - when she heard me come upstairs she turned around to see me :)]

And in honor of her being with us a whole month, here are a few more:

Doesn't she look like she could be on a post card here ?? Or, like those mugs that you can buy with your dog-breed on them? :)
She looks soo grown up - she may still act like a puppy sometimes but she's definitely maturing into an adult dog.

I think this one is my favorite tho' - 

She's our baby and we love her to death !!

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  1. dad says you should take pics for adopt a pet! maybe check that out???