Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Recap

D&I celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday.
And if you think about it - how could we be any smarter?
On February 14, chocolate and flowers are double the price of any normal day.
But on February 15, chocolate and flowers are 50% off :D


That's not why we did it though - and we didn't even buy any chocolate or flowers yesterday.

Let's just say (for time's sake) - we had our reasons for doing it that way.

The day started off with D waking up early and making us both pancakes :D Fabulous ! He gets an A.

Oh, rewind - I did receive beaUtiful flowers on Valentine's Day at work - the real day.

I love that he had them delivered to me.
(because it made everyone else jealous! hehe)

Of course then after work, I came home, went for a quick run, made dinner which consisted of homemade biscuits, salad, and chicken parmesan (D's favorite!) and fixed up the dining room to be all romantical. 
Think, smaller table, tablecloth, and candles, lots and lots of candles :)

Oh, did I mention that I went for a quick run in the middle of all that?

Yeah, I went running on my new treadmill :D

I mean, we're still newlyweds and madly in love - so him buying me a treadmill for Valentine's Day isn't all that bad - right?
If you read all the "Valentine's Day Do-Nots" on the internet, the number 1 thing NOT to buy your valentine is: a treadmill. Because that automatically means that you're saying they're fat.

Well, I have been wanting a treadmill ever since we moved into our house (because Derrick wouldn't let me go running around our neighborhood, apparently I'm too small and cute and someone might grab me)
I was able to do a little bit of running while we lived in our camper outside of D's parent's house - because they have a treadmill. 
See, about 4 months before we got married, I started running to get in shape. I would wake up religiously 30 minutes earlier than normal, Monday thru Friday and run. Even when my Mom would beg me to sleep in because I had been up late the night before. And I got kind of addicted to it.

Plus, I loved how I got into shape from it and I loved how I looked.

Well, needless to say, since getting married, I have totally slacked off on the exercising thing, but had an excuse - Derrick won't let me run outside.

Well, now, no excuses. And I'm back to running every day.

And I feel like such a baby because I used to be able to warm up and simply run for 20-25 minutes straight. And now, I can't even run for 1 minute without wanting to keel over dead.
So, it's back to where I started last year, on my "couch to 3k" plan - and yes my body is kind of hating me, but I'm loving it :)


  1. Derrick my wise son in law knows my lovely dd is safer inside with Abbey! love it! thanks D!

  2. I was expecting to see pictures of the romantical dinner after the treadmill!!?! =/

  3. yeahhh.. i didn't take any pictures of our romantical dinner :P was too busy preparing for it [did it all: cooked and decorated in about 35 minutes] and then had to pick D up from work.. i wanted dinner & everything ready when he walked in the door - and it was .. but that meant we immediately sat down to eat = so no pictures :( sorry