Friday, February 25, 2011

.. snow ..

we finally got it.

All that snow that they've been threatening is going to hit us finally arrived - today.

It seems that every week there has been a "major" snowstorm going to devastate our town - and every week, we get some wimpy snow flurries that everyone worries sick over. [Remember? I talked about this earlier in the month here]

But today, they [those weathermen we all know and love] turned out to be right.
And we got a lot of snow today!

So much in fact: that they closed both the bank and the hospital [where D&I work] down early! WOOT for an early start to our weekend !!

Of course, I think D already knew it was coming and had secretly planned out inviting his best friend over to play in the snow - so when he texted me and said that the Guthrie was closing early, he followed it up very very quickly with "Would it be okay if Adam came over?"

He did.
And they played in the snow like 10-year-olds all afternoon.
And built a grand snow-fort/igloo/tunnel/thing.

Because as it turns out: all the snow we got, was perfect snow-building material.
It was that perfect wet, and heavy snow we all dreamed about as kids when we would get snow and it would be too powdery to make a snowman.

And, somehow that wet and heavy snow made the boys grow several feet longer:

Ahhh, and this is my new favorite picture of my hubby :D
I love you Derrick - and all your girly poses!

[Notice Derrick IN the tunnel]

Best buds.
And to think, I almost said no to Adam coming over today :P

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