Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jake & Judy [wedding photographer, Milan PA]

It was not just another Sunday morning.
Um.. let me rephrase that, because at New Generation Church - there is no such thing as "just" another Sunday morning. You never know what you're in for when you wake up on Sunday morning.

But this was something completely different.
We knew what was coming this Sunday morning.
And it was something - I don't know how many folks have experienced before. Because I never had.

We were going to have a wedding - during our service.

OH yeah.

It's really quite incredible, Jake & Judy's story.
It's special.

Judy started coming to NGC a few months ago.
And it has happened just like it talks about in the Bible.
When it says that someone got saved "and their whole house"? It's happening exactly that way. [And I say "happening" because, it's still going on - but I believe at the end of the day their whole household will come to know Jesus as their Savior]

Judy came and gave her life to God.
And before we know it, so had her daughter Brooke & her son TJ.

Jake would come with them to a few special events the church had, but wasn't interested in coming on a regular basis.
Until he came one Sunday, and was impacted by the gospel and gave his life to God.

And when a family gets saved, things begin to change.
Things that used to be okay to do and say and believe - all of a sudden don't line up with their new life and what the Bible says. So, they began making changes.

And one of the major major changes was: getting married.

Jake & Judy have lived together for 10 years.
And he asked her to marry him -- 10 years ago.
So hurt and wounded by her previous relationship, Judy told him no. And that he would have to wait at least 10 years.
So, he has faithfully stood by her side and waited.

Little did they know that 10 years later, they would be completely different people.
And that they would be getting married, in church, and during church.

We had "church as usual" - whatever that is, during which I snagged this shot of Jake:

And then, we had a wedding.
Judy had her two older daughters walk her down the aisle. 

And, then Joselyn got up and spoke about her Mom and Jake.
She told their story and I think everyone cried.
Seriously, you can't get any more precious than that.

They did all the "normal" wedding things:
Exchanged vows and rings, were encouraged by our Pastor to love God and love each other.
And then we, as a church, gathered around to bathe this new family in prayer.

Because, the Christian life isn't easy.
And being married isn't easy either.
But it's oh so wonderful.

And then, the Pastor, who is also my father-in-law did the unthinkable.
Something that I think I will always dread now as a photographer.
With everyone still gathered around them from praying, he pronounced them man & wife and said that Jake could kiss his bride.

NO, wait ! I can't SEE them !! And I need that picture !!

Yeah, I told him about it afterward. Gave him one of those "don't you ever do that again, mister" talks.

So, we fudged it afterward :)
Thank the Lord of being able to fudge things :)

Anyways, we all celebrated by going out to a local restaurant and completely overwhelming the poor staff there. Oops.
But we still had fun.
We clinked our glasses and made them kiss every five minutes or so.
And we had them cut cake & feed it to each other.
It was fun.

So, here is the brand new family.
Pray for them, will ya?
They need it, just like we all do, but they're brand new at this whole church, Christian, and God thing, so we can't just forget them, can we?


  1. very nice Kara thanks for sharing!

  2. I cried too. I will keep them in my prayers as they start their "new" life together.
    Mrs. Jalosky