Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good Things Come in Twos !

There was a surprise when I was going home a few months ago.
But I knew what the surprise was: my Aunt Dawn was going to have a baby!

But, I played and pretended that I had no clue and promised to act all surprised when I "found out".

My Mother for one was very bummed that I knew THE surprise.
How dare I find out?

But, I knew.

At least, I thought I did.

Until, I was sitting at lunch at Pizza Hut with my family, and my Mom suddenly remembered, "Did we take those books back to the library?"
Someone answered back, "Yeah of course"
My Mom responded, "No, I mean the twin books we got for Aunt Dawn, did she give those back?"

Moment of silence.

whhhaaAaatt ?!

What did you just say about TWINS?!

Everyone kind of stopped.

I had to ask: "Why did you get Aunt Dawn twin books?"

Moment of silence.

"Uhhhh, you need to go see Aunt Dawn as soon as we get home."

So, it turns out - my Aunt is having twins - any day now in fact!
We're anxiously awaiting their birth :)

When I was home last weekend, I was so excited to be able to attend the diaper shower that my cousin Lydia threw for her Mom.
Because, babies need a lot of diapers - and twins go through diapers TWICE as fast :D
And she got a lot of diapers !

At the shower though, I got to hang out with another cool duo:
My friend Faith's little boy Brady, and my nephew PJ!

Check out Brady's FABULOUS head of hair :) Isn't it awesome?

He's a super cutie - and he gets his good looks from his Mama !

.. and his cooking skills from her too :)
I believe he was cooking up some Chex-Mix a la Chocolate :)

Annnddd - one more of Mr. Adorable :)

And no, I didn't forget that stylin' nephew of mine -

You gotta admit, he's got some pretty fabulous dimples - courtesy of HIS Mama.
And he definitely knows how to rock the shades - both on and off :)

And, he's not conceited at all - he's only gasping at how handsome the man reflected back from those glasses is :)

The glasses are my sister Amy's - but I think PJ might have stashed them away in his back pocket to keep on hand when any cute chicks are around :)

Anyways, we left the shower and went back to Naomi's house, where Grace met up with us for pizza and some Just Dance II on the wii.
Oh and some classic friend photos too - of course!
Thank you Paul for obliging our craziness and taking these!

Ohh, hehe, so this is the part of the story where the little boys are off playing at the other end of the room, and Brady stands up and announces that he just pooped in his pants.
It's okay Faith, he'll grow out of it - I promise :)

I really wanted to kidnap these girls and bring them home to live with and entertain me :)

And yes, we did get one "decent" photo - although apparently Naomi & I missed the "this is the thumbs up photo" memo - sheesh even Brady got it!

Annddd - gotta end it with a photo of Mr. PJ in his wheel-barrow. The red mark on his forehead? That's because prior to this photo - he had fallen out of his wheel-barrow onto his head - and silly goose - decided he needed to conquer the thing and climb right back in :) And so I took a picture of his conquering.

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  1. love this post, so sweet! love seeing you all together and smiling, just like so many years ago when you all met and hung out in the lunch room at WEC