Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hope ya'll are having a Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

It's been an interesting day - 
spent the first part of the morning at the doctor's office [I have a sinus infection ick], 
then work, 
then soaking up some sun outside with the puppy [it's GORGEOUS outside today!!], 
then some American Idol [last night's episode-- with no TV I'm a day behind, so no spoilers please !! :D all I want to know, is who chooses what the contestants wear? seriously, some of their outfits are SCARY - just saying :)
then Derrick agreed to getting me a Shamrock Shake for dinner because I was a good girl and went to the doctor this morning :) [I avoid the doctor at all costs, but I was feeling pretty icky]
OH and we're going to finish the evening out with "PS I Love You" - because it is St. Patty's Day - and half of that movie takes place in Ireland :D And because I'm sick and he's a great husband who likes to make his wife happy :) Anndd because I watched his crazy action movie a few nights ago :) :)

I promise, with my new antibiotic making me feel all better - my big camera is going to come out from it's hiding place and I'll have some "normal" photos to add to my posts :D

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