Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brad & Amanda Part 2 [wedding photographer, Towanda, PA]

Happy Thursday!

Ready for part 2 of Brad & Mandy's wedding photos?
You better strap on you're seatbelts because, these fabulous folks will knock you out of your seat :D

Let's review first shall we?
Brad + Mandy = LOVE

Okay, fabulous :D Let's move on.

Meet Mr. Brad & Mrs. Mandy:


They got married and we escaped out of the stuffy living room, outside into the clear, cool day for about 5-10 minutes. It was the fastest bride & groom portraits I have ever shot, but I think we got some of the most fabulous results!

Did I say fabulous?

It got a little bit windy after we went outside and poor Mandy's veil started to pull loose. So she pulled it out and Brad offered to wear it instead. Love it!

The awkward prom-pose - which when I pointed out what they were doing was just that, produced a fabulous natural laugh. LOVE it.

Remember what I said yesterday about Brad being that natural comic & Mandy loving to laugh? Just in case you didn't believe me, see below:


Ahhh - every bride loves her shoes. Wedding shoes are so important. People pay mega bucks for a pair of heels they'll wear one day for several hours. And comfort can sometimes take a back-seat.
Well not this past Saturday.
Comfort ruled and reigned and this is what the bride wore- FABULOUS:

Okay, moving on from the portraits, we slipped back inside for something to eat.
I love this shot I snagged of Brad's Mom, while Brad & Mandy were thanking everyone for coming.

So, it wasn't your traditional reception. There was no dancing or DJ or crazy lights. Just a simple meal with really good home-cooked food, oh and cake.

As Brad & Mandy were getting ready to cut the cake, Mandy realized they hadn't discussed this part of the day.
Oh. No.
So, she stopped him and made him pinky promise not to do anything bad with his piece of cake.

Okay, so they agreed, and we're back to cutting the cake:

And then, well, pinky-promises or no, someone had their toes crossed and both folks got cake up their noses. LOVE IT! haha

And, we'll end things off with a photo of the bride & groom and Brad's Mom - all doing the "Brad pose" :D

Ahh, it was such a fabulous wedding [I think I've used the word "fabulous about 104 times in this post] I was so blessed to be apart of it.
Brad & Mandy- enjoy your first week of being married folks- hugs to you both and D&I will see you soon !!


  1. this is the best!~ so fun! great job with the pics and congrads Brad! I had no idea!

  2. Kara..
    I LOVE how you tell the story as you are posting the pictures!!!

  3. A match made in heaven :) SOO happy for the two of you and the smile on your Mama's face :) Love the two of you!!!!!!!!

    Mama Kate :) or should I say Nana Bill? hehe