Friday, March 25, 2011

Days Off & Relaxing

Yesterday, I had the day off work.
And while I was driving D to his job in the morning, he asked me what I planned on doing during the day.
I responded with my list of chores that needed done: clean up the kitchen, sweep, finish the laundry, clean both bathrooms, etc etc.
And his response: "It's your day off, why don't you just relax and do something that YOU want to do."

So that was my challenge.

After dropping him off, the sun started to come out a little bit, so I grabbed my camera and went out in search of a bridge that someone had told me was very picturesque.

And, I found a bridge.

But, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the right one. :)

Oh well.
I still liked it. And with the wet snow we had gotten the day before, the trees were still covered and it made for some pretty scenery.

I'd like to say, I spent the morning "location scouting" :D
And I found some pretty fun spots that I would love to use in some fun portraits/senior photos/families this summer !! 
*hint hint*

Anyways, here's the bridge I found :)
Part of me said: ohh it'd be really cool to get someone ON that bridge and take their photos. They'd be really rad !!
And then I got the mental picture of me and whoever I'm taking photos of, running from a train that is coming across the bridge. And then I get a picture of us jumping off the bridge into the river so we wouldn't die.
Yeahhh, I think I'll stay off the bridge :P

Of course, the whole morning I was fighting for sunlight. And it was very hit or miss.
So, I went home [and yes, accomplished my whole list of chores - thank you very much] and of course, the afternoon came, the clouds rolled away, and the sun shone beautifully for the rest of the day.

Of course.

It was still a great day though.

In other news: I'm shooting a wedding tomorrow !! WOOHOO :D Second one of the year ! Can't wait - so come back tomorrow for a sneak peak :) :)

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