Monday, March 21, 2011


So, it's a common known fact that I love photography blogs.
I could look through photography blogs and read photographer's stories all . day . long.
Which is why I'm in love with Google Reader - that thing I discovered a few months ago that keeps me updated on all my favorite blogs :D

Recently, I've been on the hunt for a group of new blogs - no worries, I still keep up with all the "old" ones, but I wanted to "meet" some new photographers. And the easiest way to do that is to find them through those "old" blogs that I love - whether it's in comments, or their list of favorite blogs, whatever, and I've found some great new ones :)

And one of those new bloggers I found is Karen Stott - and, I am one of those people, where if I like your style, I'll become your loyal stalker. Think: RSS feed added to my Google Reader, I'll follow you on Twitter and Facebook :) So, I did. I also left a comment on one of her posts that I loved.

Well, she emailed me.
And said something along the lines of, 'find my personal page on facebook & friend me because I can't find you - it's always fun to get to know other photographers who love the Lord.'
HA - favorite new photographer :) :)

Anyways, long story short, she's having a competition on her facebook page that I entered.
She's calling it the "Ode to Joy" contest.
She asked for people to post their favorite photo showing JOY on her wall, and the person who's photo received the most "likes" wins :D

When I saw that, one set of photos immediately came to mind:
From Mitch & Larissa's engagement session:

So, here's my shameless plug to "like" my photo and help me win the contest!!

It's a really simple 2-step process.
Go to Karen's facebook page: it's Karen Stott Photography and gain access to everything by "liking" her page.
Then, scroll down her wall and find my post [currently about half way down] - with Mitch & Larissa's photo, and then "like" my photo - which this is the direct link to :)

That's it :D
And, I'll love you forever :D

PS - and while you're "liking" things, you might as well swing over to MY photography facebook page & "like" me as well !! KarAbbey Photography

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