Monday, March 7, 2011

Better than This?

So, I'm sitting here, in my warm pajama pants and Disney College Program hoodie. [yes, the same hoodie I wear everywhere and all the time]

I'm sitting smack-dab next to the wood-burner, soaking in all the yummy warm-ness.

And, I can hear something going on upstairs.

It sounds like our Abby-girl pushing her bone around on the wood-floor, and hitting the walls.

I'm all like, what is she doing?

And I'm almost ready to go up and see what's going on, when I hear something else.

And I realize, what that noise is - and I can't blame it on Abby:

Derrick's upstairs.

And he's playing his keyboard - and it makes a strange sound when he pounds on the keys.

I can't hear any music, because guaranteed he has his big, dorky earphones one. The silencing ones that make everything sound 10times better than it actually is because they're clear as a bell.

But the sound that brings it all together and makes me realize what's going on, is singing.

Derrick's singing.

I'm not sure what he's singing, most likely he's composing on the spot and just singing whatever comes into his brain.

But ahhhhhhhhh - life doesn't get much better than this. I could sit here and listen to him for ever :)

[sometimes I just wish he would ditch those dorky earphones so I could hear the music too :P]

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  1. You are just the cutest. I wear my hubby's sweatshirt everywhere too!