Friday, March 18, 2011

Window Washing Day

I think when God created March 18, 2011 for Sayre, Pennsylvania, He put a sticky note on the day and titled it: "The Perfect Day to Wash Windows"

Because seriously, today was the PERFECT day to have all the windows open. And, who wants to look at the nasty dirty icky junk that has stuck to the windows all winter long? And further, who doesn't want to deep down believe the God puts sticky notes on his calendar :)

So, today was window washing day.

I think the next nice day we have will be: "Clean-up the Yard Day".
Hint of what will be going on that day: we got a puppy in January, and there's been at least 5 inches of snow on the ground every day since we've had her up until just a few days ago. Yeahh. If you don't get what I'm getting at, ask someone :)

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