Tuesday, February 1, 2011

part of this complete breakfast

So Derrick & I are settled in and prepared for the "big" storm.

Apparently we could possibly get 12-18 inches of snow and a little bit of wintery mix and ice thrown in just for the fun of it, sometime between now & tomorrow afternoon :)

Ahh yess.

Derrick has already been warned that his job may be closed tomorrow.
And, if he gets a snow-day, I hope I get one too.

And if I don't get a snow-day, and Derrick gets to stay home from work while I have to go in? I'm going to be mega jealous.

But there is one happy thing about waking up tomorrow morning [going to work or not] -- it's that I get to wake up and have THIS for breakfast !!

Because, seriously -- who WOULDN'T be excited about breakfast when there is a box of Life Cereal available for the eating ?? :D

[It's my favorite cereal, by the way, and my Mommy was wonderful enough to bring it for me when she came last week, and even more wonderful for leaving it here!]

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