Friday, January 21, 2011

A 30 Day Challenge - Day 5

Day 05 - A picture of one of your favorite memories.

We were on our honeymoon.
We were having the time of our lives.
Bermuda was amazingly beautiful.
The cruise experience was living up to everyone everyone said.
And the food was fantastic.

We were getting ready to get back on the ship after being docked for 3 days in Bermuda.
It was almost time to head home.

But, there was still one thing we hadn't done yet.

All around the island, there are, what they call: Moongates.
And in preparing for out trip there, I had done some research on Bermuda, and read that "Legend has it that newlywed couples who kiss under Bermuda's Moongates, will be assured of good fortune and happiness."

Now, I'm not a person who believes in all that luck-nonsense, but I wanted to do it none-the-less!

But I was too shy to suggest it.

We were on our way back to the ship, when Derrick pulled me aside and said, "Hey! Let's ask someone to take our picture under the gate!"

And - my dreams came true :)

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