Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cellphone Postcards [[company review]]

I love a good bargain.
The cheaper the better.

And free is my favorite word :)

I shop at Aldi's, only buy gas at the QwickFill on Wednesdays when they have their gas sale, and buy my clothes at the S&A Boutique.

And thanks to my Mom, I get a daily email newsletter alerting me to all the new and awesome deals out there, along with coupons, and freebies !!

And last week, they were advertising for this new company called "Cellphone Postcards" that was giving away 10 FREE postcards to each new customer!

What was the catch ? There was none !

Their goal is for you to get set up in their system, and then if you snap a really awesome photo with your phone, you text it to their number with a tag of who you want to send it to and your message - and they turn it into a postcard and send it off !

oooorrrrrr - you can upload photos from your desktop and send postcards that way!

So, I gave it a shot.
Annddd - they're so awesome, they not only let you send 10 postcards for free, but they send YOU copies of the first 3 you send [so you can see how awesome they are too !

Check em out !!

They turned out FABULOUS !!
I was super amazed.

The quality is truly amazing.
The colors are bright, the paper stiff, and they are even laminated so they'll last forever!!

I sent postcards with Abby's pictures on them to each of my siblings :)
And so I still have 5 free postcards to send out !!

And if I were you? I would totally check them out and send some free postcards of your own !!

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