Saturday, January 8, 2011

When 2 becomes 3 :D

It was Thursday night.

I was chattering on and on to Derrick about my day at the bank and he was patiently listening. We were going to head out to the mall to return some Christmas things and have dinner, but we wanted to stop home & change clothes first.

So we walked in the door and were taking off our coats when Derrick stops and says "Kara, I have a question for you."

And he had that silly grin as if he had done something mischievous or was PLANNING on doing something mischievous. I half expected him to propose not going to dinner that night en leu of playing video games all evening - or letting me know that his best friend Adam, would be living with us indefinitely - or something like that.

So I said, "What?" kind of a flat, you've-gotta-be-kidding-me, what-now, kind of "what".

And he says, "Would you like a puppy?"

Well, you can probably guess my reaction to THAT question.

He went on to tell me that at work, he had heard about a lady who was getting a divorce and had a puppy that neither of them could take with them, and she wanted to give her away. He said that he had contacted her, and she was simply looking to give her baby a good home - and we could come meet her Friday night if we were interested.

I was just a little interested - to say the least.

I kind of squealed all through the mall and dinner, and then all day at work. I was so excited !!

Last night we drove over to her house, and met Abby.

The whole reason she was even a possibility - was the fact that she isn't a baby-puppy. She's already 8 months old and house-broken !! Otherwise, we weren't getting a puppy until spring - because we're too lazy to get up in the middle of the night and take a puppy outside in the snow :P

So we arrived at her previous house and met her - first reaction: she's still a puppy. She still wants to run and jump and play and bite and lick and wants attention !! 
Second reaction: she's super friendly. She had no problem coming right up to Derrick & I and inviting us into her house. She just wanted us to play with her in return for such a warm invitation :)

She's ADORABLE. They said that all they knew was that she was a lab-mix. The Human Society wasn't able to tell her anything else.

I feel so bad for her poor owners who had to give her away though. I also feel like we are cheating because they did all the work with her. She's house-broken - hallelujah - she's knows how to sit and she knows the word "no". She's had all her shots and even has a micro-chip in her shoulder-blades thanks to the human society, so if she would ever get lost and taken to a pound or shelter, they would know who to return her to. So, we're simply reaping all the hard work that they put into her :)

So, we brought her home ! 

Derrick's way more trusting of her than I would be. Her previous owners never tied her up on a leash, but simply let her have reign of the yard. And D decided that's what he was going to do. I figured, sure that's fine, but at least we have to walk her around the property first so she can know what her boundaries are - nope. He just let her go. She listens really well and after running a few laps around the yard [she's still a puppy remember? full of energy!] she came straight back to the door. We'll see what happens though when a neighbor is out and she decides to make a new friend :P

Oh, and like I said, she likes to jump and lick and gnaw on fingers, so if you come over to meet her, she'll love you to death, but do so by jumping, licking, and gnawing on your fingers :) It's something we'll be working on :)


  1. AWWWW congrats Kara!!! and i love how her name is your last name!!!! wish i could meet her!!!