Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Fake Stuff

I think "Pickles" is one of the most adorable comic strips out there :)

And this one really made me laugh.

It's getting around to the time of year when my Dad will tap a few trees around the house for Maple Syrup. He's done it before and its a ton of work. Repeat: a ton. It takes gallons and gallons and gallons of sap out of the trees to boil down to make just a small container of Maple Syrup.

But, its what he calls "the Good Stuff".

It must be a Dad thing because Derrick's Dad loves "the Good Stuff" too.

Me? I'm completely content with Aunt Jamima's [or, whatever the Aldi's brand of syrup is called].

I guess there's just no hope for my generation.

And now I really want to go make myself some pancakes :) [yes pancakes, because I can't crave waffles when I don't have a waffle iron :D]

1 comment:

  1. heh heh!! love it!!!! will share with dad tonight and btw he's WAITING patiently to be that Grandpa in the comic!!!